Version 0-1.17 of the Rborist package is building successfully on CRAN. This is the last of the 0-1 series; future versions will instead employ a more conventional API numbering scheme.

Two new command-line options have been introduced. Option nThread permits limiting the number of OpenMP threads employed in parallel regions of code. Option "oob" constrains prediction to out-of-bag samples, facilitating the computation of permutation-based variable importance.

The IR bridge has been considerably simplified. In particular, much of the heavy lifting involved in blocking data.frame objects is now accomplished by a single call to the data.table library. Package dependencies remain at two, now Rcpp and data.table.

In addition to bug repairs, memory footprint has also been diminished. Copies from core data structures to their R counterparts are now buffered, greatly smoothing a spike in resource usage encountered following training.

Special thanks to the CRAN team for their patience and their continuing effort to improve build standards.